High Country Gems

Tourmaline with diamonds and pearl

Tourmaline with diamonds and pearl side view

Tourmaline with diamonds and pearl view 2

back ametrine 18 mm round.jpg

Ametrine 18_mm_round.jpg

Aqua Wave Front.jpg

Aqua Wave Side.jpg

Blue zircon with diamonds

Blue zircon with diamonds view 2

Rutilated Quartz with Black Pearl.jpg

Morganite Locket.jpg

Brookite with Chrome Diopside.jpg



Sphene with diamonds and garnet

Mint Green beryl round

Mint Green beryl round view 2

Ajoite Pendant

Larrimar with blue zircon

Labodorite Pendant

Quartz with Tourmaline Stars

Purple Chalceodeny.jpg

Red Rutilated Quartz.jpg

Rutilated Quartz with Sphene.jpg

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz with Montana Sapphire.jpg

Lilac Amethyst

Pink Hyalite with Morganite and pearl

Hyalite with play of color, pink sapphire

Hyalite with play of color zoom view

Peridot emerald cut with diamonds

Light Aqua emerald cut

Light Aqua emerald cut view 2

Aquamarine EC with diamonds

Aquamarine triangle with diamonds

Mint Green Beryl (long-EC), diamonds

Mint Green Beryl (long-EC) view 2

Morganite triangle with diamonds

Morganite EC with diamonds

Morganite EC with diamonds (side view)

Black Opal

Black Opal side view

Opal Fossil

Hyalite Opal Pendant #1

Hyalite Opal Pendant #4

Carved amethyst

Hyalite Opal Pendant #7

Ametrine Bead

Ametrine Bead, Side view

Montana Agate

30.35 ct Chrysoprase Bead

Deco Chrysoprase

Deco Chrysoprase, front view

Montana Agate with Rhodolite

Hyalite Opal with Aqua

Montana Agate with Diamond

Faceted Rutilated Quartz kite

Faceted Rutilated Quartz kite side view

Chrysoprase with Topaz

28.37 ct Chrysoprase Bead

Chrysoprase with Tourmaline

Rutilated Quartz Wrapped

Rutilated Quartz Wrapped, view 2

Rutilated Quartz, round

Deco Chalcedony with Morganite

Chalcedony with Tanzanite

Chalcedony Flower with Tanzanite

Pink Tourmaline with Diamonds

Cushion Triangle Tourmaline


Chocolate Pearl with Cognac Diamonds.jpg


Green tourmaline with pearl


Round Chrysoprase.jpg

Rose Quartz Shield Front

Tourmaline triangle with pink pearl

Montana Sapphire.JPG

Deco Pear Aqua

Ametrine Pendant #311

Aquamarine reverse intaglio hummer

9.14 ct Aqua with Diamonds

Mint Green Tourmaline with Diamonds

Bi-Color Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline with pink pearl

Tri-Polar Tourmaline with Diamonds

Long, Skinny Tourmaline with Diamonds

Triangular Opal with Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline with Black Pearl (side)

Green Tourmaline with Black Pearl (front)

Red/Gray Opal Oval

Peridot Kite with Diamond

High Country Gems